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Hello World

This blog is to be an online journal of our family’s everyday adventures on learning all about God’s love and light. It will give you a peek at our “WonderfullyMadeKidsHomeschool” with our four “fearfully and wonderfully made” kids. You can also find some Kids church lessons/ Bible Study materials that we’ve used along the way.


We started this on October 10, 2012 with then 4-year-old Allyra and 7-month-old Samuel.


However, the blog has been in hibernation since July of 2014. We’ve continued homeschooling but the addition of our two youngest kids made it quite difficult for mommy to find time to blog for a while. We attempted to revive it last year (Aug 30, 2017) with Allyra at 9, Samuel at 5, Asher at almost 3 and Anica at almost 7 months old.

But… life happened

Which bring us to SY 2018-2019 and with God’s grace we’re reviving this ministry. Here they are today (July 15, 2018): Allyra (10), Samuel (6), Asher (3), and Anica (1).

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